Recently Acquired

New stuff since the last time . . .

BEST COAST/JEFF The BROTHERHOODSplit 7″ (volcom/infinity cat) – Two new tracks from two very “hot” garage bands right now. Best Coast contributes the oh-so-cheer-me-up pop song “Sunny Adventure” and JEFF The Brotherhood brings in the punk with “Bummer”. Includes digital download from JTB. Transparent pink vinyl, hand-numbered out of 1,000. Old school black & white insert. JEFF The BROtherhood will be playing BRO FEST 2011.

SAINT VITUSLive 7″ (volcom) – Los Angeles doom metal band, featuring local drumming legend, Henry Vasquez of Blood of The Son. Songs “Saint Vitus” recorded in October 2009 and “Born to Late” in June 2010. Transparent violet vinyl, hand-numbered out of 1,000. Dedicated to original drummer Armando Acosta and Type-O Negative’s Peter Steele.