400 Blows preview & review

The first thing to take note of when seeing a show at the Loft at the Palladium on Lamar St., is the amazing view of downtown Dallas, perfectly visible behind the stage and from the outside terrace. On Wednesday evening I went to the Loft to run video for Los Angeles’ punk-metal trio 400 BLOWS, who were a month in on their tour with Mouth of the Architect and Amphetamine Reptile veterans UNSANE.

400 BLOWS performance was tight and solid, the best I have seen them play. It has been at least 2 years since I’ve caught them live and first with this current line-up. Skot’s vocals were loud, mean and clear. Ferdi’s drumming was completely ruthless and their new guitarist, also named Scott, but with a ‘C’, has some scandalous moves while he plays. He seems to seductively sway his hips while generating feedback and distortion from his guitar. The entire band was “into” the performance and it showed. They played The Ugly Are so Beautiful, The Root of Our Nature, The Beauty of Internal Darkness, World’s Largest Minature, ? something new ?, Premature Burial, The Sore Thumb and Electric Wilderness. Since they prefer small rooms, I am even more excited for their upcoming show at Pastime Tavern. I was not able to stay for UNSANE, but the 2 songs I heard from Mouth of the Architect, sparked my interest in seeeing them next month at Hailey’s opening up for Made Out of Babies.

Be prepared in two weeks when 400 BLOWS returns to Dallas, this time to headline, on June 29th w. Weedeater and Mitra.