poftx presents . . .


All Ages
Monday, October 07
Show 7pm
Founded in 2017 between Richmond and Buffalo, CANDY’s 2018 debut full-length Good To Feel solidified the band’s existence at the precipice of extreme hardcore. Good To Feel includes the gut punching tracks “Good To Feel” and “Lust For Destruction” and introduced the world to the metal-twisting, digitally-clamored ethos of CANDY. In 2022, CANDY released the aforementioned sophomore album Heaven Is Here, which conjured negativity, anxiety, and chaos through the funnel of beastial noise and techno-glitches. Where Heaven Is Here acted as the project to “push people away,” as described by Quick, It’s Inside You arrives to “pull people back in” with an invitation to enter the collaborative, viscerally charged and roughly tender world of CANDY.