poftx presents . . .

SPY • Toner • Initiate • Spaced • Substance

All Ages
Saturday, October 07
Show 7pm

SPY is Peter on vocals, Drew and Cody on guitars, Thomas on bass, and Cole on drums. The darling quintet hailing from the notorious and celebrated Bay Area, a spot known for producing kingship bands like genre-associates Gulch and World Peace. What’s in the water, San Jose?

The group is best suited to fans of hardcore punk, a genre they used to self-identify when asked. There is no question this descriptor is accurate with werring guitars supporting vicious, detached, straight-forward vocals. Cole on drums has me feeling like I’m marching into war, and ready for it. 

SPY recently finished up their very first European tour, a much deserved honor. I watched closely and with incredible jealousy as they moved from city to city. The energy looked wild in each and every packed, dark room they graced.