Interview w/ El Paso Hot Button + mp3

Mickey Reece, aka El Paso Hot Button, has managed to churn out solo, dissonant punk rock in the vein of Jon Spencer Blues Explosion meets Arab On Radar for the past 5 years, all while dealing with baby momma drama and being cursed with looking “like a young Paul Newman”. El Paso Hot Button’s newest (and maybe final?) release is Keep Your EYES Quiet (little mafia), which comes out next week; in time for his show August 20th at the Cavern with PVC Street Gang and Gentle Ghost. Here is an mp3 of “Please Hammer, Don’t Hurt Em‘” courtesy of Ephb.

Parade of Flesh: So your new album, Keep Your EYES Quiet comes out next week. Are you excited?
Mickey Reece: Nah.

POF: Fine, be that way. Well, it is definitely a departure from your old stuff, save 2 or 3 tracks. Is this you growing or experimenting?
MR: Growing, I guess. Me and my baby’s Mom are getting along a-lot better now so I don’t have anything angry to write about. They’re all happy or sad songs. When I recorded When I Needed Sympathy I was between court dates and child support payments so I guess it showed on the album. This album is puppies and rainbows compared to that one.

POF: Your recent marriage; Think that has anything to do with it?
MR: Nah. That just means I’m more out of touch with what the cool kids are listening to.
And it means I’m married.

POF: There has always been speculation that you were a raging homosexual and that you just got married to put said rumors to rest.
MR: No I’m still gay. Every other week is “Wife Swap Thursday” but what it really means is the wives go in a separate room together while the husbands jerk each other off. But don’t worry, you don’t have to be married to join in on the festivities.

POF: Anyway, back to the music. Why is this your last album?
MR: Because I’m fucking busy as hell now. I’ve got my kid through the week going to school,
I have to spend time with my wife sometimes so she doesn’t divorce me and more importantly I have movies to make. Movies are so much more rewarding than albums. My last movie premiere was sold out. I haven’t ever sold out a show by myself. If that’s not a sign then I don’t know what is.

POF: Yea but won’t you miss it?
MR: Sure I will. My hope is to somehow get motivated to do music again a few years from now and go on tour again with a full band. Or at least one other dude. Maybe we could start a band together, John?