Neon Indian’s stolen gear

Brooklyn/Austin/Denton duo, Neon Indian, aka Vega, had their gear was stolen in Sacramento. According to the band’s myspace:

August 20, 2009 – Thursday

During our stay at the Residence inn Mariott in downtown Sacramento all of our equipment was stolen:

Dave Smith Prophet ’08 synthesizer (limited edition signed w/ red LEDs) (w/ flight case)
Empress Super Delay Pedal
Death By Audio Super Sonic Fuzz Gun Distortion Pedal
BCR 2000 Rotary Midi Controller
Power Adapted for an Akai APC-40 Controller
Shure Gear bag w/ 4 quarter inch Cables
Axiom 250 Midi Controller
Mackie Onyx Satelitte external Audio Interface

Gretsch Catalina elite 18-inch white marine pearl kick drum / Floor Tom
1960s Rogers sea-foam green 14-inch snare (collector’s item)
Black luggage box filled with drum hardware [high hat stand, kick pedal, cymbal stand, floor tom legs, snare stand]
Zildijan new beat high hats
Zildijan Rock crash

ProLine PL-402 2 Tier Double X-Braced Keyboard Stand
Single Tier keyboard Stand

Ampeg BA115 Bass Combo
Fender Frontman 65R 65W 1X12 Guitar Combo
Mexican Telecaster guitar black w/ white pickguard
Ernie Ball Music Man Sterling Orange w/ white pickguard (plastic alien puppets attached to levels or perhaps may have been taken off)

If you have any information leading to the finding or replacing of this gear dont hesitate contact either my manager Danny ( at 817 658 0795 or myself ( at 940 595 5185. Time is of the essense given the VEGA Grizzly Bear show in NYC and the countless touring dates for both Neon Indian and VEGA beginning early september right around the corner so keep your eyes pealed. If you have a blog or know someone to send this off too, please repost. If you’d like to donate any money to help us return home and begin sorting this out you can do so to Thank you for reading.