Parade of Flesh Radio: Episode 3

Here is the playlist for the November 27th, 2009 episode of Parade of Flesh radio on

Track – Artist – Album (label)

“My Baby” – Christmas IslandBlackout Summer (inthered)

“Tomahawk” – Wild Yaks10 Ships (Don’t Die Yet) (Ernest Jenning)

“Military Madness” cover of CSN – WoodsSongs of Shame (woodsist)

“Closed for Inventory” – The Night MarchersSee You In Magic (vagrant/swami)

“Old Folks” – Real EstateSuburban Beverage 7”

“Dreamsucker” – GroomsRejoicer (death by audio)

“New Crimes” – Parts & LaborMapmaker (cardboard)

“Mouth Breather” – The Jesus LizardInch (touch and go)

“Equestrian” – Model/Actress EP

“Salton” – Triclops – The EP

Background music this week was the instrumental version of “Like a Drug” by Desert Sessions and “Clenched Tight in the Fist of God” by Old Man Gloom.