POF RADIO: Episode 75

Here is today’s playlist for Parade of Flesh Radio on indie-verse.com

Desert Sessions – A#l (from vol. 5 & 6)
Titus Andronicus – Richard II -(playing at Sons of Hermann Hall on June 29th)
Clues – You Have My Eyes Now
Japandoirds – Art Czars – (playing at bryan St. Tavern on Sept 7th w/Bass Drum of Death)
Bass Drum of Death – Get Found
The Death Set – Grinding Halt (cure cover)
Dead Low Tide – Navy Buttons
The Coathangers – Sicker (playing at Bryan St. Tavern on July 15th)
Joyce Manor – Famous Friend (playing at Rubber Gloves on July 6th
Grooms – Prom
Trés Bien! – You Really Broke My Heart
The Night Marchers – In Dead Sleep (I Snore Zzzz)
Nicole Atkins – Vitamin C (can cover) – Playing at Dada on June 14th
Erode & Disappear – Fire on the Wind – Playing at Gloves on June 14th w/Magnum Octopus, Stinking Lizaveta and Tyransorceress
Coliseum/Doomriders – I Am Demon (danzig cover)