POF Radio: Episode 85

Here is today’s playlist; archive will be up later this week.
Yes, an October Calendar but a September Preview show: (this Fall is insane!!)
(right click to enlarge this great flyer by Preston Deanda)

Boyfrndz – Ghost Hits – opening for New Fumes and Crystal Antlers at Good Records on Oct. 30th
Turbo Fruits – Want Some Mo’ (Bryan St. Tavern w/ Pvc st. gang and lonesome ghost on Sept. 4th)
Japandroids – Younger Us (Bryan St. w/ Bass Drum of Death, Sept. 7th)
Bass Drum of Death – Get Found
The Body – Culture Destroyer (w/ Cough and Braveyoung at Bryan St, Sept. 14th)
Braveyoung – How Each Friend Departed
Cough – 288 Years of Sin
Woodsman – Hocus Pocus (at City Tavern Sept. 19th w/ Eyes Wings & Many other Things and Diamond Age)
Acid Baby Jesus – Swordfight (at Bryan St. Sept. 29th w/ Hell Shovel and Hardin’ Sweaty and the Ready to Go)
Hell Shovel – Blow Holes and Q-tips
WHY? – This Blackest Purse (Sept. 30th at Sons of Hermann Hall w/ Serengeti)
Serengeti – Ha-Ha
Pure X – Dry Ice (NEW SHOW: Playing Club Dada on Oct. 27th)
Pink Skull – Bee Nose
Genghis Tron – Things Don’t Look Good
Ceremony – Moving Principle (at Fun Fun Fun Fest in Nov)