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Quick Five w/ Orville Neeley of OBN-III

A quick five question interview with Orville Neeley of OBN-III who are opening for THOSE DARLINS and John Wesley Coleman at Rubber Gloves in Denton on April 22nd, 2011. Orville Neeley also backs up JWC along with Matt Hammer (former Strange Boys). Read a Quick Five w/ Those Darlins, here.

1) – What sets OBN-III apart from A Giant Dog or Bad Sports?

Orville Neeley: What sets OBN III’s apart from AGD or BS is that I write all the songs minus one song so far for which Andrew and the band supplied the riffs. When we perform I just sing, or play the microphone, if you will. I don’t write any songs in AGD, but I have supplied a few lyrics and arrangement. Also I play drums in AGD and guitar in BS, so there’s some obvious differences. I could go into deep detail about all of the differences, but on the whole I think all the bands I play with share many similarities, sonically.

2) – Do you feel ‘spread thin’ by being in three active bands?

ON: The bands contribute to my recurring feelings of being spread thin. Then again, I guess you could say three ‘active bands’ because the other two bands I play with are off and on. I can only play with Wes Coleman when I’m available. Love playing in that band though. Late last year I started drumming for James Arthur’s Manhunt as well. Sometimes, I think I’d like to be able to focus on just one band, but then we’d have to be really busy to keep my attention. Recording bands, video work, booking, and making sure I don’t schedule off too many nights working at Beerland so that I can count on a paycheck all contribute to my ‘spread thinness’.

3) – Any plans for OBN-III in the next Six months?

ON: In the next six months, OBN III’s will release an LP on Tic Tac Totally and immediately begin recording a second LP to be released later in the year. Several 7″s will be arriving in the coming months including one on Leather Bar, another on Tic Tac Totally and one on Jolly Dream with the possibility of several others. We will play a lot of shows in Austin and hopefully several in Denton and Houston with an occasional trip to New Orleans and maybe Oklahoma. There may also be some festival appearances happening soon.

4) – Any reason you haven’t incorporated “masks” in any of the bands your in?

ON: You’re the first to ask. I’m going to assume that ‘masks’ includes face paint. Here are several reasons why I would not incorporate masks into any of my bands’ performances: a) masks are too hot to wear onstage, b) I don’t like smelling my own breath or masks (plastic or otherwise), c) masks almost always look stupid, d) I’m not afraid of the audience seeing my face or knowing my identity, e) in fact I want everyone who sees us to recognize my face, f) masks and face paint are for nerds, carnies, clowns, s&m enthusiasts and snuff filmmakers, g) and most importantly masks get in the way of drinking.

5) – What’s your favorite album you’ve produced thus far? (or Are you anticipating working with anyone soon?)

ON: That’s a tuff call. There are a handful of bands that I would really like to record, and I’ve been happy with most of the stuff I’ve done. More recently, I’m really like the Creamers stuff we did back in January, and that should be out soon on Jolly Dream. The Strange Boys debut LP still sticks in my mind as a milestone, although I must give serious credit to the band for being so tight musically at the time and Ryan’s attention to detail. I’m really happy with the most recent A Giant Dog recordings. As long as I keep recording, I think I will continually find new favorites and revisit old ones.

*- Favorite Place to stop, play and/or eat on tour?

ON: Czech Stop in West, Tx, Rally’s or Checkers anywhere, the cheese castle on the way to Milwaukee, In-and-Out anywhere, Culver’s anywhere, pizza places, burger joints, diners, thai, korean, vietnamese and mexican food places just about anywhere, oooh and that donut shop in Shreveport.