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POFTX – Dallas, TX

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Recently Acquired + mp3s

An almost weekly assortment of musical oddities purchased by or given to POF.


FANG ISLANDFang Island (sargent house) – Post-punk (primarily) instrumental rock with Nick from Daughters. Playing the Ballistic Missile & Parade of Flesh party in Austin on 3/20.

FRIENDOCold Toads (secretly canadian) – “Guitar-driven trio, featuring Michael Wallace of Women, largely inspired by ‘90s experimental rock, ‘70s punk and ‘60s pop. Their songs range anywhere from breezy, effortless jams, to pulse-pounding post-punk gems. The multi-instrumentalist members love to mix harmony with noise, creating their own seasonal landscape.” MP3 of “New Sibley

FUTURE ISLANDSIn Evening Air (thrill jockey) – Self-described, ‘post-wave’ electronic trio with vocals sounding like a drunk Tim Harrington of Les Savy Fav after smoking a BOX of cigarettes; especially on the track “An Apology.”<—MP3

HARLEMHippies (matador) – Comes out April 6th. Scroll down for previous post on Harlem’s forthcoming tour.

The SPITSSpits 12” (slovenly) – Also known as the “the wheelchair” LP, is the SPITS most recent release. Seventeen minutes of snyth driven pop punk to their already interesting hood rat themed catalog.

The STRANGE BOYSBe Brave (in the red) – Their sound and direction has been experimented with on this release; a new drummer, horns and additional vocals have been added.

SUDDEN WALKSHaulin Ass Getting Paid 7” (fdh/p.trash) Limited to 500 copies

TV GHOST Cold Fish (in the red) – Playing the Ballistic Missile & Parade of Flesh party in Austin on 3/20.

YELLOW FEVERS/T 12” (wild world) – Silkscreen cover front/back. First full-length by Yellow Fever compiles their previously released Eps and singles: Cats & Rats EP, Yellow Fever EP and Culver City 7″.

WHITE HILLS White Hills (thrill jockey) – Another intense psychedelic rock album. Seven songs in a span of 60 minutes.

WOMENS/T 7” (fdh) – 6 song ep of tough HC, not the indie rock band from Toronto. Limited to 500 copies.

RECKLESS RECORDS in Chicago was kind enough to take a phone order when I couldn’t place an order online.

FUCKED UPDavid’s Plan 7” (self) – This is a benefit seven inch with the proceeds going to three women’s rights groups.

FUCKED UPDaytrotter Sessions 7” (self) – Bootleg supposedly released by the band; insert only has the text: The Anarchists of Chicago. Two songs, “Magic Word” and “David Comes To Life” from their 2008 Daytrotter studio performance. Get it FREE with the Winter 2010 issue of Chicago zine HETERO.

The SPITS /TRIGGERSSplit 7” (puke) – Out of print seven inch.

THEE OH SEESQuadrospazzed ’09 12” (castle face) – Live recording of the song “Quadrospazzed.” One sided 12” with the b-side an etching by William Keihn

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