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POFTX – Dallas, TX

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Recently Acquired + mp3s

New Sh!t since the last time . . .

The BITTERS East General 12″ (mexican summer) – Duo featuring the young governor from Fucked Up and Marvelous Darlings. Giant sticker seems to be hiding the severed torso on cover. 1,000 hand-numbered; fully colored sleeve/insert. Lyrics on insert.

GUANTLET HAIRHeave 7″ (mexican summer) – Transparent yellow/gold vinyl, hand-numbered out of 500. Look for their other 7″ on Forest Family Records.

INFINITE BODY/NO AGE – Bored Fortress 7″ (not not fun) – Featuring the exclusive tracks “Between you can crawl/like this is the end” by Infinite Body and No Age “Wintry KK”. Artwork by Cody Defranco. No Age playing at Sons of Hermann Hall on January 10th.

JOY DIVISION aka WARSAWWARSAW 12″ (rzm productions) – Very out-of-print bootleg/white label vinyl from UK. Numerous versions exist of this pre-Joy Division material. Can also be found listed as WarsawJ.D. Download HERE (not sure which version/found via google search).

LOVE IS ALL – Covers EP 12″ (what’s your rupture?) – Five cover songs, individually picked by each member of this Swedish quintet; recorded live at their practice space. The covers include: Dire Straights “So Far Away”, “Darling Nikki” by Prince, Flock of Seagulls “I Ran” and two more. White-label pressing, stamped and housed in silkscreened sleeve, front and back. Originally issued as a tour CD-R. 500 pressed. DOWNLOAD HERE (found via a hard google search).

NO JOYGhost Blonde LP (mexican summer) – Hand-numbered out of 2,000. Obviously, greater expectations with the higher pressings.

The SOFT PACKGagdad 7″ (mexican summer) – I keep reading the release as “Baghdad”. Kemado band, The Soft Pack release a 7″ on sister label, Mexican Summer. Hand numbered out of 500.

V/A – Mexican Summer/Waterloo Records – “The Mercurial Sounds of Tomorrow Today” 12″ (mexican summer) – Digitally released earlier this year around SXSW, label and record store compilation finally sees a physical pressing. “The Mercurial Sounds of Tomorrow Today” showcases 11 new tunes on vinyl and an additional 17 previously released cuts on the included digital download. Images of the first 36 releases from the Mexican Summer catalog create the album cover. 500 hand-numbered.

V/A – Relapse Sampler (relapse) – Digital sampler featuring 26 tracks off their infamous roster. Pimped through their facebook, available to DOWNLOAD HERE.