Recently Acquired

Picked up either at a shows or shops on my most recent vacation; shops such as Princeton Record Exchange, Repo Records and Long In the Tooth.

The AUSTERITY PROGRAMBacksliders and Apostates Will Burn 12″ (hydra head) – pressed in a run of only 500.

BAPTISTSS/T 7″ (southern lord) – Four hardcore songs from a band you will be hearing more and more about.

BIG BIZQuadruple Single 12″ (gold metal) – First release on Big Business’ own label, GOLD METAL RECORDS. Four Songs. Silkscreened by band. Transparent orange/red vinyl. I have an extra download card to giveaway for their show next week, August 12th with Torche and Thrones at Club Dada.

The BLACK LIPS/The STRANGE BOYSSplit 7″ (bruise cruise/453 music) – One of four split seven inches released as part of this year’s inaugural BRUISE CRUISE. The Strange Boys track “American Radio” was also on their scion split with Pierced Arrows. The Black Lips provide “Question Mark Man”. 800 pressed on colored vinyl.

CASINO STEEL Vs. BLACK CAT #13The Experiment Vol. 2 7″ (electric human project) – Two remixes of Black Cat #13 songs; defunct punk band featuring Jesse Keeler from Death From Above 1979.

CHRISTMAS ISLAND/JONATHAN RILEYSplit 7″ (fdh/shit in can) – Split label release between FDH Records in Philadelphia and France’s Shit In Can Records.

DEERHUNTERRevival/Primitive 3D 7″ (4AD) – white vinyl limited to 350 copies.

DISAPPEARS2008 7″ (self) – Second release from this Chicago supergroup, prior to drummer Steve Shelly of sonic youth joining the band. Songs are “Old Friend” and “Magics”. Download from their website for free.

EAGLE TWINThe Unkindness of Crows dbl 12″ (southern lord) – Found this for only $8. What a bargain!

The FUCKING BONESHAKERS – 12 (certified pr) No Bunny’s first band.

ICEAGES/T (what’s your rupture?) – second pressing from this hyped up band.

JACUZZI BOYS/VIVIAN GIRLSSplit 7″ (bruise cruise/453 music) – Colored vinyl.

JAPANDROIDS – I found two 7″s that I’ll be giving away along with tickets to their show at Bryan Street on September 7th. Pay attention, we will be doing that on twitter at the end of that month.

LEATHERSterile 7″ (jade tree) – The second seven inch from this punk-as-fuck Philadelphia area band. Four songs and lyrics on insert. 500 copies on black. Playing at a house to be announced in Denton on August 8th. Download from icoulddietomorrow.

LOWER DENSBatman 7″ (gnomonsong) – Baltimore rock quartet with some Texas roots!

The NIGHT MARCHERSThar She Blows/All Hits 7″ (swami) – First new material from The Night Marchers since their two tour 7″s in 2008/9 insert with lyrics. 900 copies. John Reis’ other band HOT SNAKES will be playing at ATP and Fun Fun Fun Fest later this year.

NOFX/The SPITSSplit 7″ (fat wreck chords) – Four fast skate-punk songs, two by each band!

QUINTRON and MISS PUSSYCAT/TURBO FRUITSSplit 7″ (bruise cruise/453 music) – Quintron is super sick, so keep him in your thoughts. Turbo Fruits will be playing at Bryan Street Tavern on September 4th.

TIGHT BRO’S FROM WAY BACK WHENLend You A Hand 12″ (kill rock stars) – found for $10, sealed. origins of Big Business!