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400 BLOWSSickness & Health (org)- Bass-less noise/metal act 400 Blows first album in six years is out now… order here and listen to a full album stream at Currently on tour with The Butthole Surfers and will be touring solo after that; making a stop at Bryan St. Tavern on October 6th with El Paso Hot Button.

The BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACREIlluminomi 10″ (a) – I think this might be the first 10″ by Brian Jonestown Massacre. Full artwork on inner sleeve. 1,000 copies on red vinyl, UK import. “The 2 new tracks were recorded in an old East German TV and radio building and features the musical abilities of Will Carruthers (ex Spacemen 3 and Spiritualized), Constantine Karlis (Dimmer), Friederike Bienert , Thibault Pesenti & original BJM member Matt Hollywood. “Illuminomi” has been written by band leader Anton Newcombe which has him singing in French. The B-side is a cover of the Bobby Jameson song “There’s a War Going On” from his 1966 album Songs of Protest and Anti-Protest.”

Pure X – You’re In It Now by Acéphale
PURE XYou’re In It Now 12″ (acephale/light lodge) – Four song single. 650 pressed: 150 red/white blended vinyl, 500 black/white. Playing at Club Dada on October 27th.

SOCCER MOMS/T – 7″ (100m records) – Download both tracks from their new 7″ at their site.

TURBO FRUITSKeepin’ On 7″ (turbo time) – Turbo Fruits’ label Turbo Time also features Pujol and a Holiday split. Order here. Keepin’ On is on glow-in-the-dark vinyl

TURBO FRUITSWhere the Stars don’t Shine 7″ (turbo time) – White vinyl

YELLOW FEVERBermuda Triangle 7″ flexi-disc (flaunt/diesel) – Flaunt Magazine featured this in a recent issue.

Bone Up by Yip-Yip

YIP YIPBone Up (self) – Quirky Florida circuit bending and synthesizer duo’s seventh endeavor is initially being pressed in a measly run of only 50 cassettes and 100 CDs. Get it here.

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