By Shifted Sister & Root Chakra

Friday night Rubber Gloves played host to four exciting bands, three from Texas and one from Brooklyn. Tribal was the tone of the night. Local favorite New Fumes opened up with his, as always, visually stimulating videos and distorted out delicious sounds. He has definitely cultivated his sound and crafted his set to perfection.

Local band Darktown Strutters were the second act who came out with a sound that fit appropriately for the night. They meshed well as an opener for Prince Rama with their beat-oriented-organ-covered melodies and reverberated female vocals. They caught the attention of the audience right off.

Brooklynites Prince Rama took the stage with their appealing witchcraft and synth soaked world beats. They moved the crowd with their compelling sounds. Half way through their set during the song “Trust” they hypnotized the audience into supporting the lead singer in a trust fall followed by the crowd passing her around while she maintained a Jesus Christ pose only to be placed back on the stage to finish the song. Before playing the last song of their set they confessed that the song was about a boy from Denton, which caught a rise of the crowd. Definitely a creative band that increases the fans interest with their live performance.

Headlining the show was Houston’s own Indian Jewelry. A touring reality drenched in epileptic inducing lights and full of raw energy. Bringing a soundtrack that could easily be described as music to survive the apocalypse to. Their style of Texas psychedelic mixed with industrial and tribal roots make them a musical anomaly to not be missed audibly or visually and are worth having your ears destroyed and mind blown to.