Slideshow: Bomb The Music Industry!

Thanks to Matt Sturgess for this slideshow from Sunday’s show with Bomb The Music Industry!, New Science Projects, Pvc St Gang and Eat Avery’s Boners.


Early evening matinee show at La Grange… sold a bunch of tickets so jump on it if you plan on coming out! Nassau County, NY bring us the über exciting BOMB The MUSIC INDUSTRY! on April Fools Day 2012.  But this show is no joke!!  Joining them will be Denton’s New Science Projects. BOMB The MUSIC […]

Show Adds: PVC Street Gang & Eat Avery’s Boners

Two great locals, that don’t play out too much, added to the BOMB The MUSIC INDUSTRY! and New Science Projects April Fool’s Day show at La Grange. We’ll start off the late-afternoon/early evening show with a short and entertaining 13-minute set from Eat Avery’s Boners who we haven’t done a show with EAB since Ear […]