TONIGHT (Monday)

Seminal, relevant, influential. All terms that have been regurgitated in music related articles to such an absurd degree that they have lost all meaning. Now try and describe the 4+ decades of output of one Fred Cole without using any of them. Yeah I know, tough right? But I’ll do my best. In the simplest terms Fred Cole is a fucking badass. The man has been playing rock n’ roll far before the lot of you were shittin’ yella’. Beginning in 1964 at the age of 16 with his first of many bands, The Lords, he has quite simply carved a swath through the landscape of rock n roll so deep and so wide that you can see it from orbit. From psyche/garage cult favs’ The Weeds to the punk rock badassery of The Rats to the more twangified Range Rats the man has been there and done it and done it defiantly and on his own terms throughout. With The Rats, Fred taught wife Toddy to play bass. They put out three highly regarded punk records from 81′ and 84′. After playing a more country heavy style for a few years and 24 years after the start of his first band he recruited drummer Andrew Loomis and with Toddy they formed Fred’s most revered and longstanding act, Dead Moon. Over the next two decades Dead Moon would release 13 long players that he recorded and mastered on the same mono lathe that produced garage archetype “Louie Louie”. In his spare time he also toured extensively, operated a music store, ran a record label and built a shopping center with his own two hands. After the break up of Dead Moon and a retirement that refused to keep Fred and Toddy away, the couple brought in drummer Kelly Halliburton and formed Pierced Arrows. Picking up where Dead Moon left off they released 08′s Straight to the Heart and 10′s freshly titled Descending Shadows to widespread acclaim of lovelorn Dead Moon fans. Seminal? of course. Relevant to this day and influence that spans genres and decades? Sure. But that was never the point. Pierced Arrows plays Bryan Street Tavern on Monday night. You should go.

Parade of flesh presents . . .
Monday, October 24th, 2011 – 8PM
11PM – PIERCED ARROWS (ex-Dead Moon)
10pm – DON’T (ex-Wipers)
9PM ish – The 1969′s
@ Bryan Street Tavern
4315 Bryan St
$7 tickets for over 21+
$10 for under
Ages 18+ show
On sale now
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