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POFTX – Dallas, TX

Parade of Flesh / Plenty of Fun


Tres dias con da Flesh part II

The first time we were able to do three days with the flesh we brought to you: Ghosthustler, Faux Fox, Numbers, Glen Farris, Gowns, Sean Kirkpatrick, Brimstone Howl and The Strange Boys.

This time around we have for you:

Nov. 9th @ Monkey Bar
Killtronix will take over for me at 15min of Shame before midnight.
$Free; 21+ only. I start at 10PM

Nov. 10th @ Sloppyworld
Makermaker and Parade of Flesh present:
Fleshmaker starring . . .
ESTAW (Netherlands)/ Chew-Fu Phat (Amsterdam)/ $elect/ Prince William
Hosted by Pretty Vacant Djs
$5; 18+ Doors at 10PM

Be ready to dance and shake your booty. Let’s help Sloppyworld start in a positive direction; it can only help ‘the scene’.

Nov. 11th @ The Public Trust
AIDS WOLF (Montreal)/The Undoing of David Wright / El Paso Hot Button (Norman)/ Church of the Snake (Hot Springs – feat. members of Attractive & Popular)/ Pretty Vacant Djs between bands
Seripop will have posters on display and for sale in the shop.
$8; 18+ Doors at 8PM, Bands will end by midnight.

Montreal’s AIDS WOLF can be summed up with some over-used, yet applicable, words to describe their sound: chatotic, experimental, indie, noisy, punk and rock. Use your best judgement and try to associate it with bands you think fall into this category, but all you can really do is hope for some nudity on Sunday. They have a new release on Skin Graft Records: a split 7” bootleg with Pre called “Live Dates”, The Lovvers LP and a split 12” with Athletic Automaton. Chloe and Yannick of AIDS WOLF are also known as Seripop (aka Serigraphie Populaire), who have been making indie rock posters for close to 10 years. They had a print show at the old Art Prostitute in Dentron about 2 or 3 years ago, but have yet to exhibit in Dallas nor play a live show here. Please come out and make it worth their time.

I am also excited about the rest of the line-up. It has been a while since I have seen The Undoing of David Wright; hopefully we get the entire line-up? Holy shit, check out El Paso Hot Button’s new album, When I Needed Sympathy (Little Mafia Records), it is on my top 10 of 2007. Each track on the album flows into the next, with guest singers and evolving genres from garage to soul to punk. It should be a fantastic solo performance. The experimental Church of the Snake features members of Attractive & Popular (GSL). And to round out the night, Pretty Vacant Djs will play between bands.