Parade of Flesh is a solo “boutique” booking entity based in DALLAS, TX. Originally founded as a live music-video site in 2003. We began hosting random, hand-curated, (DIY) shows from 2004-06, then in 2007 became a much more consistent.

Parade of Flesh aka pofTX is not a corporate funded company disguised as an independent; nor do we have “INVESTORS”.  We are the real deal: a truly independent promoter/booker focusing on QUALITY not quantity.

Interviews, Press & Acclaim:

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sat, Mar 30
poftx presents . . .

bar italia (UK)

mon, Nov 06
poftx presents . . .


sun, Nov 05
poftx presents . . .


thu, Nov 16
thu, Oct 26
poftx presents . . .


fri, Nov 10
wed, Nov 15
tue, Nov 14
sun, Oct 29
fri, Dec 15
sat, Dec 16