Admiral Radley

by Nick Rallo

Despite what the first verse of Yours Truly, The Commuter reports, Jason Lytle has not been left for dead. He’s full of epinephrine; the same vinegar that got him through Grandaddy. His new project, Admiral Radley, is a collaboration between Jason Lytle, former Grandaddy frontman (and friend to the Big D & Good Records), and Earlimart’s Aaron Espinoza & Ariana Murray. It’s difficult to pinpoint online — they don’t have a myspace page and the Google search goes about one page deep. I reached out to Kevin Bronson at Buzzbands in LA, who’s blog post is roughly the only online activity beyond the Google search matches for “Boo Radley”: The band continues to be elusive. So what do they sound like? To find out, you will have to attend the Best Under The Radar Show of the spring season in Dallas: The Low Anthem with Admiral Radley @ The Granada, March 17th.

If you don’t know The Low Anthem, then you don’t know one of the best folk albums of last year Oh My God Charlie Darwin (Nonesuch). Their particular brand of Steinbeckian Americana has been in Dallas before, but under the umbrella of Blind Pilot. Listen to the minimalistic, soaring Charlie Darwin and the feral, sky melting “Champion Angel.” If don’t like soaring folk music, check out the the grunge-buzz of Jason Lytle beforehand, which you should do…just in case, I don’t know, they break up.