Around Town (a week of Shows)

A selection of interesting shows in Dallas, Denton or Fort Worth. Not a definitive list.

Monday, March 7th – YES at House of Blues
The Wild, Dylan Sizemore, Those Damn Kids, Bad Times, Special Guest @ 1919 Hemphill

Tuesday, March 8th – Malevolent Creation, Full Blown Chaos, The Absence, Havok, Beyond Terror Beyond Grace @ Reno’s Chop Shop

Wednesday, March 9th – Bare Wires, Hardin Steady And The Ready To Go, What Cheer Brigade @ Good Records

March 10th-13th35 CONFERETTE @ DENTON

Friday, March 11th – Drowning Pool at Trees
Pyroklast, Life Erased, Dead Line, O(A)UST @ Phoenix Project

Saturday, March 12th – Deicide at Rail Club
Divine Eve, Steel Bearing Hand, Embolization, The Gravestones, Tyrannosorceress @ Phoenix Project

Sunday, March 13th – Vaginal Bear Trap, Insinnerator, Verkömmen @ Phoenix Project
HumanError, The Burden, Modern Pain, Releaser @ 1919 Hemphill