Around Town (a week of shows):

A selection of interesting shows in Dallas, Denton or Fort Worth. Not a definitive list.

Monday, April 4th -Papercuts and Banjo or Freakout at The Loft

Tuesday, April 5th – The Secret (italy), The Funeral Pyre, The Famine at Rubber Gloves
Kevin Seconds at Doublewide

Wednesday, April 6th – Fielded, Cuckoo Byrds, Midnite Society, Juve at Rubber Gloves

Thursday, April 7th – Band of Horses, Midlake at Verizon
The Strange Boys & Natural Child, Sweet Talk at Rubber Gloves
Gone To Croatoan, Akkolyte, Vaults of Zin, Transyuggothian at Phoenix Project
George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic at South Side Music Hall

Friday, April 8th – Real Estate, Boy Friend, Baruch the Scribe, Love Inks at Dada
Omotai, Howl, Big Fiction, Baring Teeth, Innards at Phoenix Project

Saturday, April 9th – Here Holy Spain (cd release for Division), Hormones, The Mustache Club
Sir Name and Dharma at Rubber Gloves
Coheed and Cambria at Palladium

Sunday, April 10th

Please repost/retweet this to your friends… get your friends to go out to shows this week!! (and every week for that matter).

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