POFTX – Dallas, TX

123 Main Street, Any Town, NC 12345
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POFTX – Dallas, TX

Parade of Flesh / Plenty of Fun


Around Town (a week of Shows)

A once a week listing of some noteworthy or interesting shows happening in Dallas, Denton and Fort Worth. Email submissions to paradeof@paradeofflesh.com by Sunday evening.

Tue, 11/30: Blonde Redhead @ Granada Theater
Tue, 11/30: Dark Forces, Cloud Mouth @ J&Js Pizza
Thu, 12/02: Tame Impala (modular), Stardeath & White Dwarf, Korema and Sundress @ The Loft
Thu, 12/02: Lo-Pan, Magnum Octopus & Hands in the Honey Pot @ The Cavern
Fri, 12/03: Skeletonwitch (prosthetic), Withered, Landmine Marathon and The Spectacle @ Rubber Gloves
Fri 12/03: MillionYoung @ Haileys
Fri, 12/03: Cheap Trick @ Billy Bob’s
Sat, 12/04: Big Freedia: The Queen Diva w/ Sober & Select @ The Loft
Sat 12/04: Darkest Hour @ Trees
Sun, 12/05: Landmine Marathon, Tombs (relapse), Dead Rising, From Beneath You It Devours, Baring Teeth @ Reno’s