Around Town

Since I’m on summer break, i’ve lost all routine in my life, so i’m just going to post my weekly listing of shows, whenever I feel like it, unless i get feedback from folks to post on a certain day of the week.

what a light week…. summer time.

Wednesday, June 15th: Ben Folds at Meyerson
Peter Gabriel at Verizon

Thursday, June 16th: A Storm Of Light & Tombs at Rubber Gloves
Soviet & Sealion at Jack Daniels?

Friday, June 17th: Ninjasonik at Trees
Verbal Abuse, Day Glo Abortions at Doublewide

Saturday, June 18th: 1969s, Greasy Cranks, Scandals at Lucky 7 Cycle
Slobberbone at Granada
Sleazy Mancini at Fallout
The O’s at Club Dada
Electric Daisy Carnival (dance music festival) at Fair Park

Sunday, June 19th:

Monday, June 20th:

Tuesday, June 21st: