POFTX – Dallas, TX

123 Main Street, Any Town, NC 12345
(919) 555-1212

POFTX – Dallas, TX

Parade of Flesh / Plenty of Fun



In addition to the touring shows we bring through Texas, we also have a solid roster of artists we either book or manage. Feel free to email us at paradeof@gmail.com for any questions.

Acid Carousel – Austin by way of Denton, TX

Austin Waymire – Denton, TX

• Bad Stuff – Dallas, TX

The Bralettes – Dallas, TX

Breath Play – Dallas, TX

Brody Price – Dallas, TX

Hall Johnson – Dallas, TX

Ian Salazar – Austin, TX

Mark Lanky – Fort Worth, TX

Ocean’s Envy – Dallas, TX

Pink Slip – Oakland, CA

Scarlet Cimillo – Philadelphia, PA

Trauma Ray – Fort Worth, TX

URN – Dallas, TX

White Lighters – Brooklyn, NY