Almost undiscovered local duo BERLINER EINS has been slowly been making rumblings around town in the past few months although they’ve been around for over two years. This German prog influenced experimental duo is comprised of Jay Jernigan and Jon Montpas who describe themselves as “rapegaze”. These guys are true gear aficionados if you’ve been inside Jay’s studio. Their self-recorded 7″s are a treasure to discover. Recently played on NJ’s famed WFMU radio station, both of the below releases are available locally at Good Records, Groove Net, Forever Young and Recycled; and nationally too! These have started popping up at shops in LA and Brooklyn recently.

Find Berliner Eins at Facebook or Myspace (while it still exists).

“Tonite” b/w “Smile Like A Sinner”
Fall 2009 debut release by Berliner Eins was recorded, mixed and mastered locally at Klearlight Studios by Jay Jernigan and Jimi Bowman. Sleeves were printed by Nevada Hill using dark fuchsia ink on vellum mailer sleeves in a run of 300.

“Stained Glass” b/w “eleven eleven”
Berliner Eins second official release has two new songs, which conjure up a hallucination of an individual being vehemently stalked in a dark and narrow European alley. Artwork, again by Nevada Hill.

On a side note: Berliner Eins has an unusual, (for their downbeat gloomy sound), remix single called “Nite Life” which is exclusively available on Tommyboy’s Texas Love-Triangle Mix for Vice Records, which came out back in May of 2010. You should recognize some artists on the mixtape’s playlist.