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Buddyhead vs. Interscope

I am completely floored upon hearing Wires on Fire’s (Buddyhead) bass player, Mike Shuman, is now in Queens of the Stone Age (Interscope). What a massive leap from crummy indie rock clubs to global television and festival appearances. Good for him. It reminds me of a few years earlier when, infamous guitarist, Aaron North left the Icarus Line (Buddyhead/V2/Dim Mak) to join Nine Inch Nails (Interscope). Could the previously notorious Buddyhead be the minor league farm team for Interscope Records? Maybe Buddyhead isn’t really ‘indie’ after all?

Watch Mike (far right, stage left) while in Wires on Fire, shot at Rubber Gloves in July 2006. It is not the best footage of him. I will upload more in the future.

Below is a video I shot of the Icarus Line during a daytime show at SXSW 2004. Three songs are in this video; “Spit On It” , “Skipping Church” and “Party the Baby Off”. Aaron is in black (far left, stage right).