Death and Loathing in NYC w/ Videos

Parade of Flesh’s AZN on the music scene, WEIJIA OF DEATH, had a show friendly weekend excursion in New York City and Brooklyn to start off her month; here is a recap of her adventures. Click links for video from each show.

Death and Loathing in NYC by Weiia of Death

7/1/09 Union Hall Brooklyn
Belgian couple Soy Un Caballo performs catchy Air/Francois Hardy like pop music in French. Ravens and Chimes’ lead singer looked like my friend Ryan from college who I broke into an impounded house with and stole a VHS copy of Nurse Betty in a fit of drunken rage; otherwise unmemorable. SOY UN CABALLO

7/2/09 Death By Audio Brooklyn
Need band for 1970s high school reunion? Call NYC quartet, Mighty Five. Couple bands are so adorable, especially ones that perform hyper-energetic-fuzzy-electronic-dance-music out of a suit case like Baltimore duo Ear Pwr. If you hate Crystal Castles, you will hate Starscream; if you love Crystal Castles, you may reevaluate their acclaim if two 16(ish) year old skaters from NYC can sound just like them. EAR PWR (*coming back to Dallas, Aug 19th)  STARSCREAM

7/3/09 Webster Hall NYC
Unlike Julian Casablancas who makes sounding bored cool, lead singer of Darlings has a monotonous voice that just sounds boring. Fans of New Zealand band The Ruby Suns will find similar blend of tropical guitar and electronic beats in NYC band Dinosaur Feathers, and you won’t have to travel to Auckland to catch them. DINOSAUR FEATHERS

7/4/09 Battery Park NYC
My indie-musically challenged friend commented that Jenny Lewis reminds her of Jewel, which made me recognize Jenny Lewis’s great voice and accessibility. My friend then commented that Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band would sound so much better without his annoying voice; to each their own I suppose. JENNY LEWIS