Dullass Nights

The weekly runaround from our rundown concertgoer.

1 September 2014

Alright fuckers, I’m high, let’s do this shit. First off, if you are reading this on an iPhone or iPad using Safari I need you to look at the address bar up top and tap on those four lines on the left so you can see the links on this motherfucker. I want you to experience the shit out of this shit.

Alright, can you see me now? We on the same wavelength? You feel me? You see this link? If so, raise your hand if you get the joke because I don’t think anybody else did. Let us proceed.

This is a very exciting time to be in Dallas, particularly Deep Ellum. Something new happening, like, every other fucking day.

I’d like to congratulate Cold Beer Company for opening yet another great bar near my home and say thanks for serving me this crazy motherfucker and forgetting to charge me for it. I’d like to say thanks to John of Flesh for being so gangsta and so militant. Whomever fucked with Christine’s weave better be looking over their shoulder and checkout Juan’s 2014 highlight reel.

Last week.

Thursday night The Chloes were great as always and Beach Day sounded fine but holy fuck Skating Polly! These two 19-year-olds from Oklahoma completely stole the fucking show and yours truly was too clueless to even mention them last week.

Saturday I ended up at Dada for King Camel’s anniversary and there were a few decent bands.

Sunday I was over at Doublewide but drank a little too much to stick around for Black Cobra, but I am sure it was great.

This week.//

I have no idea what to expect from The Weirdos, one of Southern California’s earliest punk bands. But I’ll be at Three Links checking them out at on Tuesdayjust the same. If they can make Life of Crime sound anything like it sounded in the late 70s that will be worth the price of admission alone.

On Thursday, Islands will be at Dada. I really liked the Unicorns. After they disbanded, Islands rose from the ashes and started putting out records with more focused production and playful psychedelic pop. This should be a fun show, especially with Teen opening. I definitely won’t miss it.

Friday Whirr will be at Dada. Last time they were at Dada I remember being in a bad mood, thinking they were dicks and that they sounded better when the girl was in the band. I actually walked out. But hey, I’ve matured. All of their releases are strong and it’s remarkable how broad their appeal is. Fans of shoegaze, all sorts of metal and indie rock will enjoy this show and it looks like there will be a good crowd.

Also on Friday, Party Static, perhaps my current favorite local band, will be playing a free show at The Foundry. This band is so much fun and those girls are total sweethearts. I’ve met them twice and I was shocked both times at how friendly and sincerely nice they were. If you haven’t seen this band, just go. I’m not going to try to explain it or ruin the surprise. Suffice it to say that if it makes me want to dance it’s some great shit.

Yet another fine show on Friday is Pinback and Tera Melos. I’d go but Pinback and the album in particular they will be playing remind me of a very bitter breakup. (If you mess with an art school girl, just keep in mind that they also consider breaking your heart an art form.) Oh, and just insert your own homoerotic Trees insult here.

The 13th Floor Music Fest at Dada on Saturday looks intriguing. I’m not sure if I will be in for the long haul, but I will probably drop in.

The electro/post/synth/pop/noise/whatever kind of punk band Bloody Knives is is nothing to sneeze at at Doublewide on Saturday, I’m sure that will be a good time.

Missing Strand of Oaks at Three Links on Sunday would be a big mistake. Timothy Showalter is a versatile, great songwriter cranking out rock anthems with white trash lyrics straight out of a short story by Pinckney Benedict.

Granada wants thirty bucks for Washed Out next Monday? Are they as high as I am right now?

Until next week