Dullass Nights

The weekly runaround from our rundown concertgoer.

15 September 2014
Hello people.

You aren’t getting all my love this week and frankly you don’t deserve it. Hell, you couldn’t take it.

Actually, fuck this. I’ll be back. The pace is wrong. Watch the video Juan directed for Spaceface.

Twenty-four hours have passed. Let me just run through what I like this week. This isn’t even for you, I’ll use it for reference myself.

Tuesday, September 16th

If you want to go with the present, the melodic folk-pop of Kopecky Family Band is a great choice at Dada. If you want to go with the future, City Tavern has Total Slacker, PAWS, and Flashlights. This is really a perfect lineup of up and comers. Total Slacker in particular are a lot of fun, taking different sounds from 90s “alternative rock” and coming up with something new and infectious.

Wednesday, September 17th

What do you know, another flawless lineup at Dada: Earth, King Dude, True Widow. True Widow I have probably seen ten times and I am still excited to see them again. If you missed King Dude at Bryan Street Tavern a while back….Damn that was fucking awesome. I’ll bet he bangs Chelsea Wolfe. I don’t know how to describe him. He blew me away and I want to see him again. Earth is great drone metal, the band was formed by the guy who founded Kill Rock Stars, what else do you need to know?

Thursday, September 20th

It’s a shame that there are 25 openers, but Rakim is simply one of the greatest, perhaps the greatest, MC of all time. His rhythm and technique are simply breathtaking. I’m not smart enough to fully comprehend his talent but I plan to be there.

But if that ain’t your thing, go checkout Pinkish Black at Three Links. They will never let you down.

Friday, September 19th

Smart, melodic pop rock from White Violet at Doublewide. This stuff is really easy to listen to. I like their first album just fine, but their second is a big step forward.
Yonatan Gat at Three Links is also a really sick show. The great guitarist from Monotonix is doing something very different and worldly and it’s awesome.

Saturday, September 20th

The Young (from Austin) will be at The Foundry for free. When I first moved here a few years ago I remember getting into their album, Dub Egg. Their new album, Chrome Cactus, is even better. This is dirty, guitar-heavy rock and I really dig it.

If raw brutality suits you better, head over to Dada for Nails. What can I say, I guess this is what comes after hardcore. This stuff is savage.

I may try to just mention the good things moving forward. I literally don’t have time for the bad stuff.

Keep it real.