Dullass Nights

13 May 2014

Not much to talk about this week but I’ll give it a shot. Here goes nothing. So how ya been? Glad to hear it. I’ve been listening to my Sun’s Too Bright cassette by The Blank Tapes, trying to drink red wine more than beer (should be easy for a Texan who likes to go to go concerts, right?), playing video games, feeling less wired and less tired, feeling fat and old, making juices and smoothies, bracing for the summer heat.

I went to The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger at Dada Friday night. Lots of stargazers in the crowd and many were particularly obnoxious with their iPhones, cameras flashing the entire set. There were also a bunch of people who talked the whole time. Great sounds from a talented six-piece band but I’m not sure if the crowd was actually listening.

I think it would be cool if Parade of Flesh had a metal star has-been festival. We could have Lita Ford and White Lion and whomever. It would be awesome. I would get high as fuck and go.

2014 is a year that prompts self-reflection and I don’t care for it. Every time I turn around I realize it is the twentieth anniversary of something. Heck, I am listening to Brutal Juice right now it has been twenty years since I started listening to them and going to their shows.

I need to visit The Wild Detectives this week. Sounds like an interesting bookstore/coffee shop/bar/venue/etc.

In closing, I’d like to mention that the season three opener of Small Town Security debuted last week. Here is a recap: Joan records a synth-heavy version of Speecy Spicy Meatball. Irwin isn’t a computer expert but heard that music can be sold on the internet and wants to use the song to get that ringtone money. Dennis says he has been running the company and wants to become a partner, struggles to work with others to create a rent-a-cop training video starring Christa.

That’s all I got.