Dullass Nights

The weekly run around from our run-down concertgoer.

27 May 2014//

Hello people.

So I was really sick last week, missed Quaker City Night Hawks, OFF!, Eagulls, French Horn Rebellion. It sucks. Not only did I miss some great shows but now I have nothing to write about last week. Such is life.

Heavenly Beat (side project of Beach Fossils bassist John Pena) brings dreamy electro-pop to City Tavern Wednesday night. I really like the way the upbeat tempo of the music blends with his gentle vocals. I will definitely be there and expect it to be a nice relaxing show.

Trans Am plays Three Links on Thursday night. Yeah, they are still around after twenty-five years. Sadly the new record sucks but with the chops they have and the handful of gems they’ve put out over the years….I guess it’s something to do on Thursday night.

A better option would be Mang (Ween tribute band) and Geezer (Weezer tribute band) Thursday night at Double Wide. That actually sounds pretty fun.

Floor, True Widow, and Pinkish Black will share the stage at Dada on Friday. This is an incredibly strong and diverse lineup. Floor’s second full-length album, Oblation, is great sludge metal or pop-rock, depending on which track you are listening to. Guitarist Steve Brooks (of Torche) seems to consider Floor a side project so it may be quite some time before you get another chance to see this band live. True Widow have been described as many things (sonic noir, stone gaze, slowcore, etc.), they released a terrific third album in 2013 and their live show just keeps getting better. I am always interested in hearing what Pinkish Black are up to (last time I saw them they had some new tracks that were lengthy, creepy, and cinematic) and they always put on a great show.

Tune-Yards are playing Granada on Friday. Yeah, I really liked them for an album or two. But I have seen them, like, five or six times, lost interest a while ago and you can shove that twenty-five dollar ticket price.

Nothing will play Dada on Saturday. I haven’t made up my mind about this band. I guess it sounds like heavy shoegaze but there is also something unmistakably 90s alt-rock about them. This isn’t metal but they are somehow on Relapse Records. There is no question about the hype surrounding this band though. In case you missed them at Spillover, there were literally hundreds of people running over from Dada to cram into Three Links to see these guys play. It was complete chaos and they played a good set.

Protomartyr, a post-punk quartet from Detroit, will be playing a free show at The Foundry on Saturday in support of their particularly strong 2014 album, Under Color of Official Right. Dark Rooms will open and I certainly enjoy their electronic art rock. Right now I am leaning towards this show on Saturday night.

Finally, I am extremely excited to hear that, as of today, Jana Hunter (of Lower Dens) will be playing a free show this Sunday at City Tavern! It has been two years since Lower Dens released my favorite album of 2012, Nootropics, and I am dying to know what she has been up to. John of Flesh must have really liked what he heard in Philadelphia a few days ago. Do not miss this free gem on Sunday and spread the word!

Until next week.