Dullass Nights

22 July 2014

Hello again.


I would like to apologize to both of my readers for the long absence. I was on, um, sabbatical. But I should be able to get this shit weekly again.

Last week. I feel sorry for you if you missed Marissa Nadler at City Tavern Monday. On Tuesday The Crookes were at City Tavern. Friday Iska Dhaaf was at City Tavern. Where were you? That was a good show, cheap, great live setting in a fine food and drinking establishment.

Don’t make the same mistake tonight. Pujol, Street Arabs, War Party at City Tavern, get there by dark. Three great bands that should be playing a show together for ten bucks? If you don’t have tickets to Jay-Z and Beyoncé what the fuck else you doing on a Tuesday night? Go.

Wednesday the 23rd. Jeff the Brotherhood, Sealion, Not In The Face at Dada. You can RSVP and pay three bucks or just show up and pay ten. If you miss this show you deserve to.

Thursday. If you don’t go to Kitty Pryde and Awkwafina at Dada you may eventually find yourself claiming that you actually were in attendance. This is going to be something fun and different and everyone who goes will be talking about it.

Sunday. It’s crazy how much ass this week kicks. The Coathangers, White Fang, Party Static at Dada. This is a perfect show! Have you seen any of these bands live? One of these bands is a great time but this is like Christmas!

I don’t have time to say anything else and this shit is late.

Until next week.