Dullass Nights

The weekly runaround from our rundown concertgoer.


28 July 2014


Hello people.


Let us reminisce about last week.


Pujol played a surprisingly heavy, tight set, impressed everyone.


Jeff the Brotherhood, Sealion, and Not In The Face all killed last week. It was a perfect show. Everyone had a good time and it started raining so the piñata was tossed into the lively crowd. John of Flesh had two birthday cakes and I am sure he had a great birthday.


I missed Kitty Pryde and Awkwafina because I was old man tired that night. I heard some interesting things about that show.


Last night was such an incredible show. Great crowd, The Coathangers were wonderful (love that Gun Club cover!), White Fang were hilarious, and Party Static were so much fun, as always.


Dada has really created a terrific environment for shows. Dallas is not a laidback city but you can go there, see great shows for cheap, and just relax with no bullshit. I wouldn’t want to imagine Dallas without that club.


It was a great week and there are no shows this week.


So until next week.