Dullass Nights

The weekly runaround from our rundown concertgoer.

12 August 2014

Hello people.
This is a day late. But I don’t give a shit, I’m keeping it real. It’s Tuesday and I am starting to feel this week. This is a short post because there are not many shows right now.

Should I go see Casket Girls at Dan’s Silverleaf tonight? Yeah, I should. But I don’t want to have to fucking drive to Denton and back, I live in the goddamn Cedars. Not on a Tuesday.

AraabMuzik on Thursday would be exactly as good as how shitty it is to be at Trees so I’m stuck. (I am trying to look at their website right now and it’s down.) Trees is like your gay uncle: You tease him, but he’s family.

They will have Whores at Dada on Saturday for ten bucks. Ten bucks is cheap for Whores. I imagine Whores will fill up so get there early. If you missed their set at Guy Fest, I mean Spillover, it really stuck out. This is old school noise rock and it’s fun. Anyone who knows me will tell you I am the last guy to jump up and down at a show but that is exactly what I wanted to do. I am definitely ready to see this band again.

This is for my main man Robin Williams. But we should all be staring at Ferguson right now.

Until next week.