Dullass Nights

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19 August 2014

Hello people.

I think I’m groggy enough to write this week’s entry. About last week, I am sorry I referred to those gentle men as homosexuals.//

Whores played a great show at Dada Saturday, I know because I was there. American Sharks were just as good if not better though.

Leopold and His Fiction (Dada on Thursday) is yet another example of Parade of Flesh turning me on to an interesting band that I’ve never heard of. Yes, this is stripped-down bluesy vintage rock and comparisons to The White Stripes have been made. But this is a different beast, I expect a great live show, and anyone claiming that The White Stripes have been aped should be reminded that like thousands of other bands, The White Stripes sound a hell of a lot like Led Zeppelin.

Also on Thursday at Sons of Hermann Hall for three bucks (if you RSVP with Sound Select) is El Ten Eleven with their oddly accessible and upbeat math rock.

This is a tough choice on Thursday, two very different bands I like. Maybe I’ll just have to flip a coin.

I am mainly excited about OBN IIIs for free at The Foundry this week. Trust me, you do not want to miss this or this, especially for free. Be there or be square.

On Saturday Hooka Hey at Three Links could be a fun show. I imagine that noisy blues rock with its heavy grooves will light up the room.

But better to see Pinkish Black at Crown and Harp Saturday night, they never disappoint and always seem to be up to something new.

Until next week.

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