Dullass Nights

The weekly runaround from our rundown concertgoer.//

27 August 2014

Hello people.

What I did last week is none of your business this week. Suffice it to say that it’s been humid and I am thickset and enfeebled. Not only that, but August is a brutal month in the taxidermy industry.

The drummer from The Chloes will be at City Tavern Thursday the 28th. Your headliner, from Hollywood, Florida, is Beach Day. This band was formed when members of three other bands decided to play 60s girl group music with a punky, surfy approach. After releasing their first album and touring as a three-piece, they are now stripped down to a duo, touring in support of their sophomore LP Native Echoes, out now on Kanine Records. And seriously, The Chloes are fun, I have seen them four or five times and have no problem seeing them again. They are perfect for this show.

As usual, there is fine music for free at The Foundry on Friday and Saturday. I strongly recommend checking some of these shows out. There’s been some strong stuff (OBN IIIs last week, for example) and it’s a unique environment.

No offense, but that looks like a rough weekend at Three Links. I actually wouldn’t mind seeing Wayne “The Train” Hancock at Trees on Saturday, he’s a great hillbilly swinger. I mean master of hillbilly swing. The Hood Internet at Granada on Saturday is fine. But I need something a little more special to go to Greenville over the weekend and be interminably trapped in that good time fun zone theater with all that douche bag progeny.

Froth, Mr. Elevator and the Brain Hotel, and Sealion are all well worth your time at Doublewide on Saturday. That’s a strong show.

On Sunday Black Cobra at Doublewide is way too much fun to pass up. I just imagine hipsters smoking American Spirits outside wondering what the fuck is going on in the venue. Bring your earplugs and enjoy, it will be worth being tired on Monday to hear what sounds like sludge metal after shooting amphetamine.

It definitely looks like I will be drinking Yoohoo Yeehaw this weekend.

Here is a playlist to guide you through the week: http://open.spotify.com/user/thomasdickharold/playlist/23l0VrWTE5S2BpTAgGSlT6

Oh and by the way, be sure to visit Off the Record ASAP. This is a great new bar right next door to Dada, a wonderful addition to Deep Ellum, just opened Tuesday.

Keep it real. In the words of the late great Vanilla Ice, “If you ain’t be true to yourself, you ain’t being true to nobody.”

Until next week.