Dum Dum Girls vs. Snake Sustaine

While bands’ nerves are always at a peak after SXSW, two acts decided to publicly hash it out at Bro Fest 2010 this past Sunday in Dallas, TX. The guilty parties are Bambi? (the redhead) of Dum Dum Girls and Doug Sabolick of Snake Sustaine/A Life Once Lost. While I was trying to grab posters for Dum Dum Girls, I caught the tail end of the Dum Dum Girls telling Doug to fuck off and then him just being a dude from Philly who doesn’t take shit, but usually starts it. He said something to the affect “Stop being so cool and rock-n-roll.” I stood back because I definitely didn’t want to interfere and I hadn’t had anything like this happen at a show before between bands; except between band members: All of ‘Gibby Haynes & His Problem” arguing with each other on stage prior to the show starting at Pastime Tavern many years ago. I never thought the blend of cock rock from Philadelphia and indie lo-fi garage pop from San Francisco would come to a head.

For whatever reason this occurred, it perturbed Dum Dum Girls enough to leave Double Wide for the rest of the night.  Sorry, ladies.

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