poftx presents . . .

SOUL BLIND • Trauma Ray • ASkySoBlack

All Ages
Thursday, June 27
Show 7pm
SOUL BLIND on tour with ASkySoBlack + special guests: Trauma Ray
Hudson Valley, New York’s Soul Blind is proof of the two cliches we all want so badly to believe: that sometimes endings are really just beginnings, and that sometimes the best art is born from the hardest times in our lives. At one point vocalist/bassist Chris Hoerter, guitarists Finn Lovell and Justin Sarica, and drummer Juan Espinosa formed hardcore band, God of Wine. As do all good things, God of Wine came to an end in the late summer of 2016. What was the ending of God of Wine would-- in the spring of 2017, become what is now Soul Blind. As opposed to their more punchy, hardcore past; their current sound takes on a fuzzier and more distorted characteristic. These traits pair seamlessly with the band’s atmospheric approach. Aesthetically the band’s sound pulls from many different influences, but eventually emerges as a grungy-gazey-inspired take on modern post rock. Lyrically, Soul Blind speaks to some of life’s darkest moments-- navigating the loss of a loved one, depression, and feelings of neglect. Out of the numerous ways to cope with these hardships, Soul Blind turned to what they knew best: creating music. The range of emotions experienced while coping can all be felt in their EP Willpower. Everything from the anxiety in “Mist” to the hope in “Junior”. Though their subject matter may surely put a dark tinge on their music, it is within that darkness that Soul Blind are at their best. Soul Blind knows what it means to be down and out, but from their hardships grew their art - Willpower.