Free Music Archive

A great resource for streaming music, and it’s free!  KEXP (seattle) WFMU(nj) both curate contributions to the Free Music Archive. Here are some highlights I enjoyed:

BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE – Live on WFMU from ATP NY, 2008 (full set)

COACHWHIPS – Live at WFMU on Terre T’s Show on 6/7/2002 (full set)

DAN DEACON – Live at WFMU on OCDJ’s Show on 7/23/2003 (full set)

The DEATHSET – Live at WFMU on Liz Berg’s Show on 8/20/2007 (full set)

GOLDEN TRIANGLE – Live at WFMU on Liz Berg’s Show on 11/24/2008 (full set)

LIGHTNING BOLT – Live on WFMU from ATP-NY 2008 (full set)

MI AMI – Live at WFMU on Liz Berg’s show 2/16/2009 (3 ‘new’ songs)

MODEY LEMON –  Live at WFMU on the Cherry Blossom Clinic 9/6/2002 (full set)

MONOTONIX – Monotonix Live at the 2008 Record Fair (4 songs)

PARTS & LABOR – Live @ KEXP 10/30/08 (1 song)

A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS I Know I’ll See You (Live @ KEXP) (1 song)

VIVIAN GIRLS – Live at WFMU on Michael Goodstein’s Show on 9/6/2008 (full set)