Fresh Country

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Dear friends and fans,

While the past five or so years have had many highs and a few lows in regards to booking garage, indie and metal acts, the entity known as Parade of Flesh has decided to shift gears – if not cease to operate unless someone would like to takeover.

Unfortunately, the decision solely revolves around money. In booking this level of acts, the money is just not there to support any type of healthy lifestyle for me.

In the past few months, I’ve been listening to a whole other tier of music: good ol’ American country music. With that, I’ve also been going out to country & western bars a great deal. C & W folks are just so much nicer than the junkies, indie-hipsters and metal-heshers I’ve had to deal with on a weekly basis.

I’m sure you’re shocked – or maybe elated – reading this, but for me to not work a real job and just do independent booking, country is really the way to go. My new venture is going to be called “Fresh Country.” I will definitely still use the facilities of City Tavern and Double Wide, but I am now able to add Adair’s Saloon, Post Time and Lone Star Country Club to my arsenal of venues. I assume, with growth, I will move towards Fort Worth and Mid-Cities and take over that market.

I will also have to abandon my Friday radio show on If you’re interested in being on the radio and want to continue the name of Parade of Flesh, I would be honored.

Thanks for understanding and all the support over the years. Accepting cassette aircheck demos from any interested persons; keep in mind these are big shoes to fill.


John of Flesh Fresh Country



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