Fun Fun Fun Fest was Fun

Due to a substantial hangover from the trail of dead show at dada and vomiting out the window and on myself while driving with Alan on i-75 on route to Austin, we ended up arriving 4 hours late. I missed El Paso Hot Button’s set (who I manage), but made the interview with el paso hot button, me and his bro. Not sure when it airs.

In the best order I can recall, I saw Trail of Dead, some of Rival Schools’ set (one of my friends is their guitar tech) and then wandered around a bunch. Other than that, the only sets I really ‘watched’ was Dan Deacon and Dead Milkmen. Dan Deacon’s ability to engage the crowd with a one man act is constantly becoming more impressive. He really knows how to encourage his audience to have fun and enjoy themselves. The lead singer of Dead Milkmen looks weird now (bald and fat) but the guitarist looks the same. It was great how the whole crowd sung along during their set, usually that’s annoying, but for some reason it was perfect last night.

Due to some car issues, thanks Alan for leaving my car lights on. I missed all of White Denim’s set at Mohawk, but I did manage to confirm with them an upcoming show in Dallas. TBA Soon.

My only complaint about Fun Fun Fun Fest was the dust. The hipster kids actually needed their bandanas for a legitimate reason other than fashion.