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Girls vs. Boys: Band Names

The recent press surrounding San Francisco band, GIRLS, led me to think about other bands with the feminine gender in their name, like last years’ hyped-up Women.

Chicks on Speed, Daughters!, Girl Talk, Girls, Girls Against Boys*, Lady Gaga, Lady Sovereign, Ladybug Transistor, Ladytron, Little Girls, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Some Girls, Sons & Daughters,Teengirl Fantasy, Three Imaginary Girls, Vivian Girls, Women

*When I thought of “Girls Against Boys”, I decided to add the male gender as well:

Beastie Boys, Boys II Men, Big Boys, Dead Boys, The Dead Milkmen, Early Man, Fat Boys, Favorite Sons, Fun Boy Three, Ghetto Boys, Girls Against Boys*, Handsome Boy Modeling School, Jacuzzi Boys, Junior Boys, Man Man, Man or Astroman?, MEN, Men at Work, Men’s Recovery Project, Minutemen, Moistboyz, Old Man Gloom, Redman, Sons & Daughters, Spacemen 3, The Strange Boys, The Walkmen, The Weary Boys

Feel free to email me and I can update this…