Going International ?

Not really, but the only non-domestic band we brought to Dallas last year was Montreal’s AIDS Wolf. In our upcoming string of SXSW Spillover shows, we bring these up and coming international acts to town:

LIPSTICK TERROR, from Mexicali, Mexico. opening for Foreign Islands at Sloppyworld on 3/10. This is a five piece no wave/hardcore band. Bilingual screaming vocals, synths, drums, guitar and bass. They have played/toured with a lot of the current Los Angeles and San Diego punk bands such as Cattle Decapitation, the Locust, Some Girls, and many others off the 31G and the now defunct GSL roster. ALBUM: La Introducción Al Terror EP (Sour Pop)

DIE! DIE! DIE! , from Dunedin, New Zealand. headlining at The Cavern on 3/17. I have been wanting to get them for over a year now. They are a punk rock trio with a little bit of noise and all of their songs are catchy. “Better live than on the album” band, although their first self-titled album was recorded by Steve Albini. ALBUM: Promises, Promises (S.A.F.)

SIAN ALICE GROUP, from London, UK. opening for Die! Die! Die! at The Cavern on 3/17 – A brand new band on a label that releases “quality, not quantity”. Multi-instrumental, progressive rock led by female vocals. Touring/Recorded with members of Jesus & Mary Chain, Spiritualized, Spring Heel Jack and Gang Gang Dance. ALBUM: 59:59 (The Social Registry)

Edit: 5:24 PM
Edit on 3/3/08 – Lipstick had to cancel. Bummer.