In about a month

3/10 at SLOPPYWORLD | 3610 Perry Ave 75206 | $8, 21+, BYOB
FOREIGN ISLANDS – Energetic electro-punk outfit representing Brooklyn. Get your dancing shoes on. Their debut full-length is Restart Now!, on Deaf, Dumb & Blind and they have two 7″s already released on Nude out of the UK. and LIPSTICK TERROR are a 5-piece no-wave/eletro punk band coming all the way from MEXICALI, MEXICO. THESE ARE POWERS – Brooklyn + Chicago trio, featuring an ex-member of the LIARS, who self-categorized their sound as “GHOST PUNK”. Their newest release is the Taro Tarot EP on Hoss.

Videos of Foreign Islands:


Video of These Are Powers:

3/11 at CITY TAVERN | 1402 Main St. 75202 | FREE, 21+ ONLY, FREE
MODEY LEMON are a Garage/Psych revival rock band from Pittsburgh, with releases on A-F, Mute and Birdman records. The PHANTOM FAMILY HALO are an experimental Psych/folk band two standing drummers/singers from Louisville, KY; featuring members of DEAD CHILD and the newly revived SLINT. They have yet to play in Texas.

Video I shot of Modey Lemon a while back:

The Phantom Family Halo Band on a Kansas City NBC Affiliate.

3/13 at SLOPPYWORLD | 3610 Perry Ave 75206 | $8, 21+, BYOB
the WHITE MICE – noise grind experimental band from Providence, RI who like to wear costumes. BANDS WITH MASKS RULE!!! plain and simple. They opened for SKINNY PUPPY the last time they were in Dallas. Their latest releases are EXcreaMANTR-aINTRaVEINaNUS on Blossoming Noise and BLasssTPhlEgMEICE on Load Records; same label as Lightning Bolt, Arab on Radar, Kites, Vaz, etc.
the COATHANGERS – an ALL GIRL Atlanta, GA punk/party band in the vein of Sick Lipstick meets CSS. Their S/T album is avail on Rob’s House Records & Die Slaughterhaus. (Deerhunter, Black Lips and los carbonas etc..); and they will have their upcoming 7″ at the show (avail. 3/18 on Suicide Squeeze).
PLEASUREBOATERS – Seattle Thrash/noise that’s dance worthy and must be seen live. Their GROSS!! LP is out on Don’t Stop Believin Records, (same label as The Pharmacy).
Dj SCOTCH EGG – gabba punk from UK via Japan – like listening to your ’95 gameboy if battery acid were poured on it, with some aphex twin playing in the background.

here is a video of White Mice my brah gitty shot at last year:

here is video of the COATHANGERS:

video of pleasureboaters…

DJ SCOTCH EGG music video

3/16 @ DOUBLE-WIDE BAR – 3510 Commerce St. 75226, $8, 21+ ONLY
This is our 2nd time to bring PARTS & LABOR to Dallas. Experimental/noise Brooklyn trio are bringing some of their Cardboard Records‘ label-mates’ PTERODACTYL and SHOOTING SPIRES for this special show. SHOOTING SPIRES is BJ from P & L’s bedroom side-project, but a full band will be represented (FYI, Tunde Adebimpe from TVOTR sung on the album). This is the ONLY Parts & Labor/Shooting Spires show of the tour! Miami/Atlanta’s stoner metal band, TORCHE (Hydra Head/Robotic Empire) are also playing.

Parts & Labor at Pastime Tavern:



Shooting Spires: (NOTE: FULL BAND WILL PERFORM at Double Wide!!!)