Interview: TUSSLE

San Francisco’s TUSSLE play tightly coiled songs over steady oozing rhythms, even using 2 drummers in live performances. Having two drummers can be annoying, like Austin’s Gorch Fock, who have the good intention of wanting to rock you, but sound more like a marching band trying to cover a metal song. In a bad way. Or it can prove beneficial, like with Thee Oh Sees on their most recent in Dallas, or when Trail of Dead played with am extra drummer on their “Worlds Apart” tour, right before I got bored with their music. Tussle take the opportunity to turn the extra percussion into sounding like ESG banging CAN, while HOT CHIP watches in the corner. That description sucks but tussle pull off their live act incredibly, through elaborate syncopations and looped electronics and all. Imagine if HOLY FUCK had more ass shaking.

An extensive discography can contest that Tussle keep evolving, steadily faster than most of their contemporaries.

I saw Tussle play in Denton in 2007 in a basement, and it was the perfect environment to absorb their expansive sound, even though the night before they were playing on a tour with Hot Chip in a theater, it fit them like a glove. I spoke with electronics master Nathan about his fears and desires, and fondue.

transBLENDER: When people hear the name “Tussle” what goes through their heads?
Nathan Burazer: most likely beats, bass or bikes.

tB: Where are you currently located and who am I speaking to?
NB: san francisco, ca – Your representive today is Nay Nay.

tB: The only place Tussle will not play is:
NB: Ironically, in space. Apparently, still no sound there.

tB: Do you incorporate things in the studio that are impossible live?
NB: Short answer is yes. Working digitally, its super easy to overload and over work a song. In the past we have gotten carried away in the studio, We are now trying to be more conscious of that and are more careful not to get too caught up in the tools and studiocraft.

tB: List the three worst occupations for people under 40:
NB: Hmmm. Here in California, we have a 12% unemployment rate, so any occupation that puts food on the table is one to be thankful for. That being said, i personally, would prefer to NOT to be:
1. Prison guard
2. Proctologist
3. Repo Man

tB: Is there an instrument that completely changed the way you create music?
NB: the Yamaha DX200 Desktop Control Synthesizer]

tB: The best frivolous thing that you spend money on is:
NB: Apple TV

tB: What’s the laziest way you’ve explained your band’s sound?
NB: drums and bass or “weirdo music”

tB: Tussle gets to be the backing band for one artist, who would it be?
NB: Lizzy Mercier Descloux, Donna Summer, Panda Bear, Bjork or David Shrigley.

tB: Can we expect a double album of fucking epic jamming anytime soon?
NB: Thanks for asking, we have a new LP coming out spring 2012 produced by JD Twitch (Optimo). We recorded with him in Glasgow, Scotland at the end of our tour last year. Just got the masters today, very excited to release it into the World.