Interview: VIDEO (denton band)

here is an interview with Denton’s Video:


When I go see a concert, especially one with acts of unfamiliarity to me, I treat it as if I’m a child in the make-a-wish foundation. Allow me to explain. In this unlikely and hypothetical event, I’m dying of a benjamin button disorder or something, and my final wish is to go see a concert in my local area. Not a basketball signed by the kardashians, or a chance to punch a dolphin or whatever kids like these days, but simply to have a good time seeing live music. If I go to said concert and the bands playing are terrible, do you suppose I’m going to waste my precious moments of life wishing I would have just stayed home and watched Shrek again? The answer is no.

It is that most likely cynical view that I apply to all shows I currently attend. More than often I pick out the shows with solid line ups, or with bands I have fondness for, despite supporting acts that I have no knowledge of or a disdain for. There has been situations where I am particularly keen on seeing a band, and enjoy their music greatly, but I simply cannot fathom listening to certain act that is supporting them. You may ask, why not just show up late, or avoid them and enjoy the show? I have thought of that way too many times to count, and it always ends up the same. I show up late to avoid the band I don’t wish to hear, and as soon I walk in the venue, there that band is playing. My night thus turns to regret, and wishes that I went to taco bell instead of using gas money to be disappointed. The overall experience for a show is important to me, almost like seeing a movie and hoping there aren’t any parts where it’s just Gary Oldman talking for thirty minutes instead of blowing shit up.

Which brings me to Denton punk act VIDEO. I had heard good things about them, and saw they were often playing on weeknights or when I was busy (sleeping or watching DVR) and I couldn’t attend. Then they happened to be opening for In The Red veterans The Intelligence, and I had to check it out. The show was at The Handsome Kitten, a.k.a the loft where Dallas band Giggle Party lived and threw shows. (very nice guys by the way.) I had only heard rough demos of VIDEO, and was hoping I didn’t want taco bell again as soon as I heard them. They blew me away with their assurance and tightness, something I can only dream of with local bands I haven’t seen. When they finished their set, I wanted more. That was in 2010. Fast forward to the fall of 2011, and I am shopping with grocery money at good records. I have an armful of vinyl when I see their record “Leather Leather” in the new releases. I immediately throw all the other records down (Sorry good records staff), and purchase it. It is one of the best releases of last year, from label Play Pinball!, and I got a chance to ask some questions to Daniel, the lead singer.

Who am I speaking to and where are you currently located?
This is TV’s Daniel. Currently residing in the only city where the grass is always greener, Denton, TX.

Your band is, at least in my own opinion, one of the few Denton bands that bring real urgency to your performance. What are all the other bands I frequently walk away from while playing in the area doing wrong?
One word: CHARISMA. We have it in spades. If any other bands in the area want tips and pointers, they can come ask us. Also, there’s a distinct lack of Wah pedal in most bands.

Pretend you are describing your band as un-truthfully as possible:
“Worst band ever.” You can do the math, braniac.

You played some dates with The Intelligence a few years back, how did that come about?
We only ended up playing one of the shows with the Intelligence. While we have the talent, the looks, and the overall “total package,” we usually have bad luck with vehicles. My car exploded on the way to the Austin show, but we played the Dallas show at the Handsome Kitten. And the show came about because someone had the sense to ask us to play.

When do you feel most creative, musically or otherwise?
We are always in a creative state. Anything we touch is gold. You have to have a constant level of creativity in order to be this good.

Is there a common theme, if you had to choose one, among the songs on your debut LP, and how long did it take to be completed?
The record only took 2 days to record. I know that concept is foreign to most bands. “An absolutely flawless record recorded in two days?!” That’s right. We’re the best in the world. And there’s not really any theme for the record. The songs range from true stories from our lives, our wants and desires, and even our aspirations of creating a fascist state where we are the true rulers. Long Live The New Faith, Long Live VIDEO.

Do you feel the need to put out more material as soon as possible, or let the public chew on these tracks for a while?
There are several singles and another album in the works. You can’t rush perfection.

What is the worst comment you’ve personally heard about the band?
That anyone from Parade of Flesh liked our band.

Are you the type of person that encourages people to start new bands, why or why not?
We are very much of the philosophy of “It was easy, it was cheap, go and do it.” However, with that being said, don’t think that whatever band you start will ever live up to the legacy of VIDEO. Once you know that you won’t be able to compete with us, then you will be much happier with whatever you create.

Who would be the most disastrous band to tour with?
It would be a disaster for any band to tour with us. Imagine getting shown up by VIDEO every night of tour. It would be degrading for anyone to think that they could live up to our standards of excellence.