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POFTX – Dallas, TX

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July 20th Birthday Party Info:

Please bring gifts to my birthday party on July 20th at Monkey Bar; celebrating my 30th year of existence.

Line Up:
10PM- Eat Avery’s Bones | 11PM – She-Dick |
Prince William to DJ all night (and inbetween sets)
21+ Only at Monkey Bar 408 Exposition

Wishlist: (in no desired order) USED IS OKAY except on the porn mags and hats. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE if you bring me something. Seriously what is a birthday party without gifts such as cash, toys, action figures, legos, books, cds, vinyl, dvds, GARBAGE PAIL KIDS trading cards, porn, mags or movies. (no old, no fat and no black on white crime please). gift certificates to CHICK-FIL-A, something w. bling, something hip and cool, stuff w. skulls on it, artwork, art supplies, teacher supplies (no joke), t-shirts medium, hats (no sports, unless NY KNICKS or 76ers), even electronics; since my home stereo is broke.

thanks frances for the flyer. click to enlarge. print and put on your fridge.

EDIT: Article on She Dick from this week’s Dallas Observer.