just announced II

Eat Avery’s Bones has been added to the July 20th Johnis’ Birthday Extravaganza at Monkey Bar. She-Dick is still headlining. One more TBA. Intially I was only going to have one band (She-Dick) and I was going to dj, but an old friend is coming in town, so I would rather book more bands/djs, make it crazy-fun, so I can hang out with her and everybody else as much as possible that night.

And it’s my friggin’ birthday, so BRING GIFTS. Seriously, show some goddamn class and respect and bring presents to a fuckin’ birthday party. You get two bands and one dj for free, so cave-in and buy me something. AND NO, I DO NOT WANT “DRINKS”, besides having an open tab at Monkey Bar, I would geniuinely like to receive presents for my birthday. Go figure.