Lemonade Review

Lemonade opened @ Hailey’s in Denton for Telepathe 6/20/09

by Weijia of Death. Selected video from this show is available HERE, courtesy of The Weijia of Death.

If Nintendo commissioned LA noise rockers HEALTH to score their next Mario Kart release, the soundtrack would sound something like Lemonade. Lemonade was formed 3 years ago sounding very much like HEALTH; the music on their latest album is more developed structurally and has considerably more concrete melodies. While one can debate that HEALTH could be danced to, I would argue it be something more along the lines of head-bangings and epileptic fits, whereas Lemonade can be grooved to in more conventional forms of dance. The main driver in their music is definitely the drums, performed by a drummer who has a penchant for changing into shorts right before the show so no beat will be constricted by the skinny pants he was fashioning pre-show. The San Francisco trio jammed through Rainbow Road, taking only a couple of people along for the ride at the beginning of the show, but by then end, the Party Kart became a fully loaded Party Bus, with many limp bodied Dentonites trying hard to NOT act like they are enjoying the show.